Filament with Breeze

In some use cases, the need may arise for you to have multiple stacks installed within your application. For example, you may have a user-facing authenticated area to your app, as well as an admin panel built with Filament Admin Panel. This guide will instruct you on how to get your application set up for this scenario.

This guide will assume you want to install the user-facing portion of your site via Laravel Breeze and use Filament Admin Panel for staff. It also assumes you are using the same User model for both.

If you are using Laravel Jetstream, please refer to this guide.


Firstly, you will want to install all the your dependencies via composer:

composer require laravel/breeze filament/filament joelbutcher/socialstream

Once you have installed these dependencies, you may will want to run the install commands for both Breeze and Filament before installing Socialstream:

php artisan breeze:install <stack> <options>

php artisan filament:install --panels

Be sure to make a note of any optional features (such as dark mode, or pest support) as you will need this later on

Once you have done this, you will then need to install the Socialstream stack for Filament:

php artisan socialstream:install filament

This will ensure you have the base installation required for Socialstream to work with your application. It will also publish the required migrations, models and config files into your application for filament.

Next, you will need to install Socialstream for your desired Breeze stack, ensuring to pass any options you may have opted-in for when installing Breeze:

php artisan socialstream:install breeze <stack> <options>

That's it! You can now enjoy using Socialstream for you application's users and for your apps admin panel.


Because we installed Socialstream for Breeze as the last step, the User model that was published by Filament will have been overwritten. To fix this, you may wish to re-add this into your User model:


use Filament\Models\Contracts\FilamentUser;
use Filament\Panel;

class User extends Authenticatable implements FilamentUser
    public function canAccessPanel(Panel $panel): bool
        return true;

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