Upgrading to v4 from 3.x

This upgrade guide only discusses upgrading Socialstream 4.x and assumes you are upgrading from an unaltered 3.x install. Upgrading Jetstream, Livewire, Inertia, Vue or Tailwind CSS is out of scope for this documentation. Please consult the upgrade guides for each of these packages instead.



Native Type declarations

Impact: High

Version 4.x updates the interfaces and published php files to use native type declarations. Please ensure the following files have been updated to match their interface counterparts:


User Profile Photo

Impact: High

If you have included the HasProfilePhoto trait in your user model, please update your model to the following:

    use HasProfilePhoto {
-       getProfilePhotoUrlAttribute as getPhotoUrl;
+       HasProfilePhoto::profilePhotoUrl as getPhotoUrl;

And replace the getProfilePhotoUrlAttribute method in the model with:

 * Get the URL to the user's profile photo.
public function profilePhotoUrl(): Attribute
    return filter_var($this->profile_photo_path, FILTER_VALIDATE_URL)
        ? Attribute::get(fn () => $this->profile_photo_path)
        : $this->getPhotoUrl();

Inertia Props

Impact: High

If you're using Inertia, please update your Profile/Show.vue file to the following:

-29:                    <UpdateProfileInformationForm :user="$page.props.user" />
+29:                    <UpdateProfileInformationForm :user="$page.props.auth.user" />

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