Upgrading to v6 from 5.x

A Laravel 11 demo repo can be found here. This repo was originally built with Laravel 10 and Jetstream v4 with Vue for Inertia for the frontend. To view the complete upgrade to Laravel 11, check out this merge commit.

Updating Dependencies

PHP 8.2.0 Required

Socialstream now requires PHP 8.2.0 or higher

Laravel 11 Required

Socialstream new requires Laravel 11 to be installed, to do update the laravel/framework composer dependency to ^11.0 in your application's composer.json file.

Please follow the official upgrade guide on what dependencies also need updating for this

Jetstream 5 Required

If you use Socialstream with Laravel Jetstream, please ensure you have followed the official upgrade guide for upgrading you Jetstream version to v5


If you use Socialstream along with Filament Admin Panels, you will want to make sure you've upgraded filament/filament to v3.2.39

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